Real-time notifications and alerts:

Important components of the Raptor Eye SIEM solution are notification and alerting. A security analyst can configure triggered events according to particular data points discovered during the log collecting and correlation stages. When vulnerabilities are found, the SIEM system can transmit real-time notifications to the security team for additional analysis and remediation.

Raptor Eye SIEM's real-time notification and alerting enable analysts to respond to assaults considerably more quickly than they previously could, potentially lowering your Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR) times (MTTR).

Additionally, it might shorten the time a threat actor spends in your environment, protecting your business from revenue losses and reputational harm. .


Raptor Eye SOAR is a combination of software programs and tools that allow organizations to synthesize and automate security operations, threat intelligence.


The network and its operations are probably the subjects of many inquiries from your security staff.

File Integrity Monitoring

Raptor's Eye SIEM instantly alerts you to important changes made to your files and folders. It executes real-time file integrity monitoring.