What is RaptorEye SOAR?

RaptorEye SOAR is a combination of software programs and tools that allow organizations to synthesize and automate security operations, threat intelligence, and incident response in a single platform.

For example, using a firewall app, RaptorEye SOAR can automatically block the IP address of a computer that is attempting to brute-force a login. SOAR can complete this task much quicker than it would take for a human admin to receive an alert, open the firewall app and manually block the offending IP address. Because SOAR provides the core data collection and analysis functionality of SIEM, it's possible to use just SOAR

RaptorEye SOAR Capabilities:

SOAR spontaneously provides broad functionality that can address most SOC needs. The main capabilities of SOAR include:

  • Orchestration and automation:

    RaptorEye SOAR helps teams make the jump from simply collecting security-related data to streamlining security operations by using playbooks or scripts in order to automate many of the tasks required to respond to various security events.

  • Threat investigation:

    RaptorEye SOAR allows engineers to prioritize different types of events through features like alert grouping, a threat-centric approach to investigations that looks for contextual relationships in the alerts and, if identified, groups these alerts into a single case. In addition, it helps teams share security information more efficiently to enable better collaboration.

  • Reporting and analysis:

    In addition to responding to security incidents, Raptor Eye SOAR can generate reports that provide insights into security trends within an organization.

  • SOC workbench:

    RaptorEye SOAR serves as a central station for the Security operations team to monitor and respond to alerts, as well as to communicate and collaborate on a response.

RaptorEye SOAR Benefits

RaptorEye SOAR offers a range of benefits that make security operations more efficient and more effective

  • Boosts analyst productivity:

    SOAR frees your Security Operations Team to work more efficiently, which in turn allows analysts to cover more ground and work on higher-order tasks instead of responding to recurring threats that could be better managed using an automated script.

  • Automates incident response:

    Security operations teams respond to alerts quicker by getting benefits from SOAR because many response actions can be automated and performed instantaneously without waiting on human intervention.

  • Platform consolidation:

    With RaptorEye SOAR, SecOps engineers can work from one central location instead of navigating through a disjointed suite of security tools. This eliminates the need to move back and forth between multiple tools when handling an incident, which saves time and effort.

  • Improves reporting and knowledge capture:

    RaptorEye SOAR's built-in reporting and analysis feature help consolidate information quicker, allowing for more efficient data management and easier identification of opportunities for continuous improvement.

Real-time notifications and alerts

Important components of the RaptorEye SIEM solution are notification and alerting. A security analyst can configure triggered events according to particular data points discovered during the log.

Reporting and dashboard

The network and its operations are probably the subjects of many inquiries from your security staff. RaptorEye SIEM places a high priority on reporting since we think that information should be disseminated in an insightful manner.

File Integrity Monitoring

RaptorEye SIEM instantly alerts you to important changes made to your files and folders. It executes real-time file integrity monitoring. The file integrity monitoring function of RaptorEye can be used to safeguard.