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Logs of IOT in Raptor Eye

Raptor Eye's logging system captures and analyzes IoT data in real-time, offering actionable insights for continuous monitoring, sophisticated analysis, and efficient system optimization, enhancing overall operational performance and security.

  1. Syslog:
  2. Many IoT devices support Syslog for logging system events, errors, and status messages. Syslog messages can provide visibility into device activity, network connections, authentication events, configuration changes, and other relevant information.

  3. Network Traffic Logs:
  4. Monitoring network traffic generated by IoT devices can help detect anomalies, suspicious activities, and potential security threats. Network traffic logs may include details such as source and destination IP addresses, ports, protocols, packet sizes, and communication patterns.

  5. Authentication Logs:
  6. Authentication logs record user login attempts, access requests, and authentication events involving IoT devices. Monitoring authentication logs can help identify unauthorized access attempts, brute-force attacks, and account compromise incidents.

  7. Device Management Logs:
  8. Device management logs capture administrative activities and configuration changes made to IoT devices. This includes events such as firmware updates, device provisioning, software installations, policy changes, and device registration/decommissioning.

  9. Security Logs:
  10. Security logs provide information about security-related events and incidents affecting IoT devices. This includes events such as intrusion detection alerts, malware detections, access control violations, security policy violations, and system compromises.

  11. Sensor Data Logs:
  12. IoT devices equipped with sensors generate data logs containing sensor readings, measurements, and telemetry data. Sensor data logs can include information about environmental conditions, physical parameters, asset tracking, and industrial process monitoring.

  13. Error and Debug Logs:
  14. Error and debug logs document system errors, software bugs, runtime exceptions, and debugging messages generated by IoT devices. Analyzing error and debug logs can help troubleshoot issues, diagnose problems, and optimize device performance.

  15. Audit Logs:
  16. Audit logs provide a comprehensive record of all activities and events occurring within the IoT environment. This includes logs of user actions, system events, configuration changes, data access, and policy enforcement actions.

  17. Application Logs:
  18. : IoT applications and services running on devices may generate application logs containing information about application usage, API calls, service requests, and application-specific events.

  19. Physical Security Logs:
  20. Physical security logs capture events related to the physical security of IoT devices, such as tampering attempts, unauthorized access, environmental alarms, and asset movement tracking.