File Integrity

File Integrity

RaptorEye SIEM instantly alerts you against important changes made to your files and folders. It executes real-time file integrity monitoring.

The file integrity monitoring function of RaptorEye can be used to safeguard the most important files located everywhere in your company. Stay aware of malware-related registry modifications, unauthorized access to private files, and theft of personal information. Moreover, monitor specific file views, edits, and deletions, as well as alterations to a group, owner, and permissions.

Create new use cases for User & Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA) and Endpoint Threat Detection using data collected by File Integrity Monitoring. Stay alert on any illegal or unintended modification of private files or registry settings, whether brought on by a hacker assault or a mistake in change management.

Threat detection

Your ability to detect and respond to catastrophic cyberattacks is undermined without quick and effective threat detection, giving attackers more than enough

Reporting & Dashboard

RaptorEye Security Information & Event Management Solution gathers, maintains, and amplifies event data throughout your company for improved threat visibility

Notifications & Alerts

Important components of the RaptorEye SIEM solution are notification and alerting. According to particular data points discovered during the log collecting