Reporting and dashboard:

The network and its operations are probably the subjects of many inquiries from your security staff. RaptorEye SIEM places a high priority on reporting since we think that information should be disseminated in an insightful manner. The RaptorEye SIEM solution offers prepackaged reports right out of the box and also supports template customization so you can receive the reporting your company requires.

You can support corporate goals using RaptorEye SIEM's reporting and dashboards, which also provide executive-level data that meaningfully display security metrics. Your Executives might be interested in learning how MTTD and MTTR have changed over the past few months. Alternatively, your security analysts might be interested in seeing account activity, and how frequently users access particular programs, canceled accounts, or suspicious users.
It is essential to report specifically to this regulatory agency if you need to comply with a regulation. You may report on your compliance with the PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, GLBA, GDPR, and other regulations using RaptorEye SIEM.


RaptorEye SOAR is a combination of software programs and tools that allow organizations to synthesize and automate security operations.

Real-time notifications and alerts:

Important components of the RaptorEye SIEM solution are notification and alerting. A security analyst can configure .

File Integrity Monitoring

RaptorEye SIEM instantly alerts you to important changes made to your files and folders. It executes real-time file integrity monitoring.